Terms of Service and Rules

Valkyr Australia Community Rules

Please note these rules refer to the discussion board, etc and not the minecraft server. Those rules can be found here.

Here at Valkyr Australia, we have a set of rules and guidelines that you are expected to abide by if you want to have a problem-free experience being a part of our community. By registering an account and/or contributing content to this community, you agree to these terms and conditions of service.

Please be sure to read all of our posting guidelines and our stickies, as well as these guidelines as ignorance is not a valid excuse.

    1. No excessive swearing

    While we have no objection to sharing your opinions and debating a topic - in fact, we encourage it - with other members of this community, we do not tolerate any excessive profanity whatsoever.

    A minor or infrequent usage of profanity is permitted. If you are found to be using profanity frequently, your posts will be deemed of a flaming nature and you will be dealt with accordingly.

    Since the measure of excessive usage is ultimately decided by the Moderation staff on a case by case basis, you will receive ample warning prior to being banned due to the infringement of this clause.

    2. No racism, discrimination, threats or personal attacks of any kind are permitted.

    This is a friendly community and as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette. There are times when you may not agree with someone, or you've had a bad day and that's fine, we all have those days. But please, for your own benefit, leave your problems off Valkyr. Doing so will ensure that the Valkyr community is a friendly one.

    3. No flaming or inciting hatred is permitted.

    This is a friendly community and as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette.

    In general, anyone involved in a flame-war - whether they be the instigator or the flamer, will be dealt with accordingly. The best way to stay out of trouble, with regards to flame-wars, is to not join in.

    5. No selling of products or services, unless approved by a member of the administration.

    6. Avatars and signatures need to be of a reasonable size.

    The maximum file size for avatars is 40 MB, although they'll be scaled down if you ever try to upload a massive one :)
    There is no maximum height for signatures, however signatures above a certain height will be cut off and have a scroll bar attached.

    Signature Rules and Guidelines:

    • You can link to your homepage or favorite site, but you can’t use it for advertising - unless you have express permission from the administration.
    • Limit your signatures to several lines.
    • Please keep the coloured text to a minimum (and your signature readable).
    • Keep your signature clean - all images should be safe for work.
    • Please make sure your signature adheres to the other rules and guidelines found on this page
    • We reserve the right to edit signatures and avatars that we consider (but not limited to): too big, flashy or inappropriate.
    • Abuse of any of these privileges will result in revocation of them.

    7. Do not pester

    The application, appeal and support processes at Valkyr require careful consideration, and may not elicit a response from the moderation staff until they deem appropriate. Because of this, any requests to have your post looked at, issue resolved or creation seen may be taken down and ignored. Repeat offenses may result in a temporary forum ban.

    8. Do not ask for a position on staff.

    In order to become a member of staff within Valkyr Australia an application process must be undertaken, these applications are open on an as-needed basis.

    Show some iniative and your work will be noticed, along with your attitude and your passion for the community and the chances of us picking you up to help out will be higher. This should really have gone without saying.

    9. No advertising.

    Advertising of any form is completely prohibited unless

    1. It's in your signature, as specified above.
    2. Permission is directly granted from an Administrator

    Reporting Posts

    We have staff at Valkyr.org for a reason. As such, our staff will deal with any and all issues with regards to infringement of this Terms of Service. It is our duty - not yours. If you want to help out, please make use of our Reporting Posts system.

    The concept is simple. You report any posts infringing this Terms of Service, or any of the particular sections in our Rules/Regulations/Guidelines.

    Anytime you come about a post that violates the rules, click the link that says "Report" at the bottom left of the post, type the reason for the report (it works best if it's a valid one), and click Report Post.

    Warning Abuse of the Reporting Posts system will not be tolerated. Doing so may result in a ban.


    We reserve the right to make any decision we believe is necessary to address the situation at hand up to and including, but not limited to, banning someone without warning.

    The Valkyr Community Staff reserve the right to read any messages usually deemed private if the situation calls for it (for example, if the contents are reported) and reserve the right to edit or delete any content provided by anyone on Valkyr.com.au.

    The above stated are not absolute. They are guidelines for those wanting to ensure that their stay here is a pleasant one.


    The views, opinions, or anything thereof discussed on this site and forums are by no means the views, opinions, or anything thereof supported by the Valkyr Community Staff or the Valkyr Team. While we will try our best to moderate and delete any troublesome content, we may not be held responsible for any content that is posted.

Actions may be taken against accounts at any time with/without reason.

The Valkyr Community Staff reserves the right to modify these and any other guidelines found throughout the site and forums at any time and without notification and an Administrator's word is final.

These rules are modeled off (Read: Stolen from) Bukkit.org's without permission :D