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Vote Succeeded Azurand's Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Azurand, Sep 22, 2013.


Should Azurand be a moderator?

Poll closed Sep 29, 2013.
  1. Yes

    15 vote(s)
  2. No

    11 vote(s)
  1. Azurand

    Azurand Retired Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    G’day there! My name is Azurand and if you’re reading this then that means you are someone that I want to impress. So what is impressive about me? What makes me think that I could possibly stand up to the job of being a moderator? Well I Have number of things that I think I could bring to the table, First an foremost being a chair :P

    You may be thinking to yourself ‘well that’s fine and all but who exactly is this guy?’

    My name is Jarrah, for reasons I will never fully understand my family decided to name me after a tree. Maybe they just think I have a wooden personality. As I’m sure you have noticed my username is Azurand, which translates into English as Azurand. I have been a member of this community for a bit over two years now and in this time I have seen many players come and go. During my time here I have made many friends and have always done my best to be an upstanding member of this community. I say community because Valkyr Australia is much more to me than just a server I play on. Here the players care about each other and I know that many people here have become good friends with people they would never have met otherwise. Since Korrok told me about valkyr I have never even thought about finding a different server, everything I could look for or want is here, the plugins, rules that are enforced but also (mostly) respected and most importantly the people.

    It is the people of this community that I want to thank for they great time I have had so far and regardless of my rank I will appreciate how friendly and cooperative the people here are. I am not applying to be a mod just for the bells and whistles of flight, commands and a purple name, I see these as important tools that are used to help service the community and that’s the reason I’m applying. Not as a way to ‘progress’ but to be able to give something back to the community, to be able to say thanks for making my time here so enjoyable.

    So again, you may be thinking to yourself, ‘I wish he would just get to the point what makes him think he is good enough.’ That’s an excellent thought you just had there. Maybe I’m not the best suited for the job, but I suppose that’s for you to decide. However I feel that if I were to be picked I could become a (hopefully) valued member of the staffing team.

    As I’ve said before, I like helping people. If I see someone on the server asking a question or for advice, I do my best to help them. I often offer help to players, especially regulars to make them feel welcomed and become more familiar with the server. I consider myself to be a friendly person and one who is fairly knowledgeable about this server.

    I am very familiar with the server rules and I re-read them every now and then to make sure I don’t forget anything. In my time here I have never been banned, jailed or muted for any offence because I respect the rules and I understand with why we have them. As a moderator I would enforce these rules but I would also explain why we have them and why it is important that uphold them.

    I unfortunatly don't have any experience in moderating a Minecraft server but I do have many younger cousins and nieces and nephews so I have experience in dealing with immaturity and tantrums. I keep a cool head and look at things rationally, rather than getting worked up about things and I try to see both sides of the argument, even if I disagree with them.

    Overtime I have picked up on a few things about walking the road of life in the shoes of a mod so I think I would already be familiar with many of the new commands.

    I don’t sleep very much, so I’m often awake until about 3 to 4 in the morning. I realise that not many players are up at this time but there have been times when I was on and players have had problems or have wanted a mod to help them set up a zone and stargate. Of course, I come online at normal times too but I would like to be able to help those players who are on at that time, (usually they are overseas as well as the players who are on at more ‘normal’ hours. This is a fairly minor point but, what I mean is that I realise that as a mod I would be expected to be available at any time to help out. Being a moderator demands a lot of time and effort but I am willing to commit both of these to the server and the community and I thank you for taking the time to read and consider this as well for the excellent job you have been doing maintain the high quality of this server.

    Here are some possible Scenarios and how I might deal with them.

    Scenario 1
    Player 1 and player2 were mining together, they find a ravine. Player1 goes AFK on a ledge. Player2 intentionally digs underneath player1 causing him to fall into lava and die. Upon returning to the game player1 realises what has happened.
    <Player 1> WTF? How am I dead?
    <Player2>A Creeper blew up and you fell in the Lava LOL!
    <Player1> dude! I have like one heart a creeper would have killed me up on the bridge. You killed me!
    <Player2> No I didn’t
    <Me> /msg <Player1> Would you like me to check it out?
    < Player1> /r Yes
    <me> /r Okay
    <me>/tpa <Player2>
    <me> /tpahere <Player1>
    <me> Show me where this happened.
    *I would then do a log check to see what happened.
    <worldguard> <Player2> destroyed dirt block
    <me> Okay so <Player2> you broke this block with the intent to kill
    <Player1> This counts as engaging in PvP without consent and is a banable offence.
    <Player2> THAT’S B******T! I was just trolling!
    <me>You may appeal on the forums if you wish.
    <me>/ban <Player2>

    Scenario 2
    <Player1> Comes on to find he was griefed by <Player2> who is offline.
    <Player1>What The F**ck! Some C***T Greifed me!
    <Player1> I need a Mod!
    <me> Yes, I will be with you in a second. I understand you are upset but please watch your language.
    <me> /tpa <Player1>
    *I’d do a log check to see who the griefer was
    <Player1>Hurry the F**K up!
    <me> This is your last warning for swearing, I know you are upset but if you continue I will mute you.
    <Worldguard> Block changes at -324:6:-32 in the world:
    27-10 19:13:01 <Player2> destroyed Emerald Block.
    <Player1> Well?
    <me> it was <Player2>
    <me>/ban <Player2> for Griefing
    <Player1> That D**k! Ban him!
    <me> He has been banned, unfortunately, that was your last warning so I will have to mute you for 10 minutes.
    <me>/mute <Player1>. 10 minutes
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013
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  2. Blasta181

    Blasta181 Donator

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    Oh man the votes are tying :(

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  3. Azurand

    Azurand Retired Moderator

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    Haha, Thanks for the support man.
  4. Cappur

    Cappur Trusted

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    Well written application Azurand.

    But before I vote could I get your stance on thieves and the punishment there of, of?
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  5. Azurand

    Azurand Retired Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Well I would do my best to apply the server rules to the situation. Here are some examples.

    1 . Unlocked chests (Which is allowed as long as no other rules are broken in the process, i.e greifing?)
    Well this this is allowed on the server provided that no other rules (i.e greifing) are broken to access the chest so no punishment would be administered. However I think that it's not a good idea for anyone that wants to make friends here.

    2. stealing loot in PvP after killing someone.

    Provided that both players agree that the winner takes the loot then of course this is fine.

    3. Stealing from farms

    I would count this as greifing because it is the removal of player placed crops.

    4 something else?

    Hope this answers you well enough :)
  6. Fauxrique

    Fauxrique The Deposed Despot

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    Yes: 6
    No: 2

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  7. Cappur

    Cappur Trusted

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    Yes. You know the rules.
  8. Cappur

    Cappur Trusted

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    I was thinking more in the ways of punishment!

    1. Jail

    2. Stocks and throwing of rotten studs at.

    3. Gallows, I’m only all to happy to build one.

  9. ArchiboldMclovin

    ArchiboldMclovin Retired Moderator

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