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Vote Failed Bigfat's Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by bigfatyoutubefat, Sep 19, 2013.


Should Bigfat become a Moderator?

Poll closed Sep 26, 2013.
  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Hello Everyone I'm Bigfat and here I am again..., And please take the time to to read my application before voting yes/no.

    As we all know all of my moderator applications have been complete fails and I don't expect anything different from this one but a lot of people know me and I've been with the server for a long time so why not.

    Okay so my name Is Joe as many of you know. I'm not the most perfect and amazing person you will meet on the server because I have been banned multiple times for xray, and just generally ignoring some of the rules. Though please if you look at my ban appeals, try to accept that they were a long time ago. I have recently started playing the server again consistently and I'm really enjoying it, Although I feel the sense of community is only seen on the forums. I go on at least once a day and at most I see 10 - 15 people. I'm not saying this is a bad thing although as a player I find it a lot more fun when there is lots of people playing. If I got the role of a staff member I would try to get this server more publicity so that we can get more players,donations and generally just a better server all round.

    Okay so I believe despite some issues with a few players in 2011 that from what I'm aware of don't even play anymore I have generally good relations with everyone on the server. Some might say that I'm not right for this position and I wouldn't disagree as everyone is entitled to their own opinion though I have been pretty dedicated to this server and have had various shops/towns in which I offered people to live in. I also believe that the staff members at the moment are doing a great job though I believe when the server has multiple people on that need help or have been griefed it is good to have more than one staff member on. I don't know who will be reading over my app and deciding the fate of it though I ask you to look over the past and give me a chance.
    I personally think when I try I can be pretty helpful as Sam would know because for a little while I helped him out with a little project.

    I have often experienced moments where there are no staff members on and there is a person that is new to the server needs help with a command. Even with this little bit of help which means almost nothing to anyone, it feels good to help out someone because you know that they appreciate it. If I did become a staff member for this server I would pick up the responsibilities and learn everything I need to so that I can strive to achieve a better server for every day. I'm not exactly new here so I hope that everyone feels that they can approach me and ask for help when needed.

    I donated In 2011, I think and from there I knew that I would stay with this server. I have searched for servers and I found one very popular, so I joined and I found something that I thought was ridiculous..... I asked "Is there an appeal/form I need to fill out to get building rights?" A person who I'm guessing was a staff member gave me a command and it showed me how to get ranks, I had to build....
    I thought this was silly and realised really how organised this server is and I believe it is the best Australian Minecraft server. So after seeing these servers with no forums/organisation I believe having a Staff role on this server would be very prestigious, This sounds like I'm sucking up like all of my applications though I seriously am looking at this role much more serious now that I know its not just a fancy name tag and flying around.

    As I have just finished a school term I am now In holidays and from now and here on I would spend majority of time on the server as not just a staff member but a friend and a helper to the people of the server. The players of the servers have the power (apart from having absolutely no say in the voting stage) though I see it as if everyone likes you then the staff will like you also because they know that you're willing to help everyone out and you don't just want the name for inequitable purposes. Also some of you need to know that I have matured and I'm no longer a small obnoxious player that causes havoc for everyone and stresses all the mods out to an extent of banning.

    Now I'm going to show you what I would do If this happened, no this is not a normal situation but I hope you get the point of it

    P1 Joined the game
    P1*walks around and finds my house*
    P1 *see's that I have an unlocked chest so breaks a whole in my wall and takes my stuff*
    Bigfatyoutubefat Joined the game
    Me: What are you doing in my house?
    P1: Just looking
    Me: Where is all my stuff?
    P1 */spawn*
    Me: P1 please be considerate and return my items and I will not involve any staff members, I don't want trouble.
    P1: Ugh fine.
    Me: Thank you.

    In this scenario I showed maturity without getting mad and having an outburst of rage with caps and yelling for staffs help impolitely and angrily. Now time for a stereotypical scenario.

    Me: Calm down, stop using caps and I'm on my way.
    Me: */tp P1*
    Me: *checks logs* okay so it was bonsterbuffy
    Me: Okay use caps aggressively and I will mute you, He will be banned as griefeing is a Major offense and is Never tolerated.
    P1: fine and what happens to my stuff? do I get it back????
    Me: I was looking at the logs and found he jumped into lava when you started screaming so unfortunately, No I cannot retrieve your stuff I am very sorry.
    Me; Okay I warned you and I am sorry about your house and items but there is nothing else I can do.
    Me: /mute P1.

    Okay so obviously we had a person who didn't take the little time that it takes to look over the rules and he got very aggravated when he was griefed and got his stuff stolen I stayed calm sussed out the situation and did everything in my power.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application

    P.S. I hate my name also and have no clue what i was thinking when choosing it...

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  2. samfenton89

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    P1: Okay use caps aggressively and I will mute you, He will be banned as griefeing is a Major offense and is Never tolerated.
    P1: fine and what happens to my stuff? do I get it back????"

    Nice moderating there by P1, maybe he could be a mod
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  3. You got me
  4. Fauxrique

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  5. haha all good :)
    T'was fun applying anyway
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  6. dick, wasn't fun applying at all
  7. Z3CHN0

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