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How to apply for moderator

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Fauxrique, Sep 18, 2013.

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  1. Fauxrique

    Fauxrique The Deposed Despot

    Minecraft Username:
    Moderator Applications are currently open.
    Approximate amount of moderators we need: -1

    Mod Apps are closed (open)

    If you're not prepared to be rejected, don't apply.
    Don't start whinging if you get rejected, just accept it.
    How to apply for a moderation position

    Becoming a moderator is serious business and must be treated as such. This is effectively an unpaid job, so you want to make sure that you both want to volunteer for such an endeavor, and that you are putting your best suit on to make a good impression.

    By suit, I of course mean proper correct English wordage and speakishness.

    You have as much space as you can fit into a post to convince the existing staff that you should be allowed into our clubhouse. Use professional and correct language. Use any formatting you feel appropriate.

    Whilst it is important to be professional, there can be a time and a place for jokes. For an example, read the previous two paragraphs. Keep in mind though that ALL staff will be voting, so in-jokes are not necessarily recommended.

    Your post must have a poll attached, it should be setup exactly as follows:
    Question: Should <your forum name> be a moderator?
    Possible Response: Yes, No
    Allow selection of multiple responses: No.
    Display votes publicly: No
    Close this poll after: 7 Days
    Not having a poll that meets these exact criteria is grounds for rejection.
    As this poll is used to help determine whether you should be a moderator it will take at least 7 days for your application to receive a judgement.
    You must be..
    • Proficient in using the forums
    • Aware that previous experience moderating/administrating is preferred but not required
    • Able to spell and use grammar in a formal, yet casual way.
    • Not hated with a passion by Fauxrique.
    Once your application has been submitted, the following things will occur:
    1. The community will vote (anonymously) on your application over 7 days. The poll is then used as a guide to determine whether your application merits progression to the next stage.
    2. The administrator will either mark your application [Pending] or [Rejected] to indicate whether it has passed the first stage. A rejected app could be due to content, the applicant, spelling "Minecraft" wrong or anything else at the administrator's discretion. It would be advised that upon being rejected, you wait at least a week or two and consider what might have not gone down well if you wish to reapply. Do not waste staff time with repeated attempts without showing improvement.
    3. If accepted and marked [Pending], a poll will be set up in the Staff forum to discuss and vote Yay or Nay for the applicant. All votes are anonymous, and each current active member of staff will vote.
    4. If the majority votes to instate you, your post will be marked [Vote succeeded] and you will have fancy purple writing and a bunch of new instructions in the Admin & Mod forum. If your vote fails to get the majority, your thread will be marked [Vote failed] and nothing will change.
    Think about this
    Before running off and applying just because you want to "progress" in the game in the absence of any story or goals, think very carefully whether you want to be a moderator or not. It is a (relatively) big responsibility, the hours long, the nights cold and lonely, and you will often be inundated with questions/requests/complaints from the rabble of the server. Some people love it but some people also find it takes the fun out of the game. So yeah... If you love running around after a bunch of screaming children, voice hoarse and knuckles bloody from the derision and discipline you're handing out on those kids, then go ahead and apply. And for God's sake please use proper grammar.
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