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Shopping is BACK!

Discussion in 'Announcements/Rules' started by mrbaggins, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. mrbaggins

    mrbaggins Retired Moderator

    It's about time, but it's finally back!
    The server shop is above the spawn area (Look for the big staircase) and currently has an initial stock that is always liable to change at the whimsy and discretion of your benign and uncaring overlords. So check in often to see whats up or down in the way of prices.

    Those of you that have seen this system before, there is a link here with everything you need to remember, and some stuff that you don't need to (Yet, anyway). This details all the commands for using a shop, as well as all the commands for setting up one as well.

    Yes, the prices are steep. They are supposed to be. We had many people with over $250,000 last time.

    The Martketplace II: Electric Boogaloo
    Now, as of writing this, there is NOT currently a marketplace. Yet. Small decisions are still being made with the feedback from last time. As of this writing, there WILL be a marketplace. Soon. If you ask about it, you get given a free spork and instructions upon how to most painfully insert it upon your person. More details will become available once they are known.

    All that being said, get shopping!
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  2. chuckychease

    chuckychease Regular

    I'll try it when I get unjailed for simply no reason
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  3. ValkyrMC

    ValkyrMC Administrator

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    Does it actually work? I only recently thought "I wonder if LocalShops, a plugin that hasn't been updated forever is compatible with the latest version of iConomy?"
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  4. mrbaggins

    mrbaggins Retired Moderator

    Seems to.
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  5. Nat

    Nat Donator

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    Me asking for the plot I am standing atm is not allowed so I will not ask for it even though I want it like crazy and would not ask for it now becuase I know that I would be in trouble so even though I want it ssoooo much even though this post is NOT about me asking for what I want, (the shop plot im standing on) even though its GREAT I am not going to ask about it in this thread because I know its not supposed to be what im supposed to do, so in this post I would like to tell you that I am again telling you im, NOT NOT NOT asking about getting the plot im standing on but even though I <3 it sooo much I will try and resist myself from asking about it in this thread so now I will be using all of my willpower trying NOT to ask about that heavenly slice of plot im standing on which I hope I get, NOT that im asking about it, just saying that that plot. Ohhhh the beautiful leaf blocks and sandstone. AWURFG. but this post is not going to go on and on and on and on about me asking about it, well, of course not, im NOT asking about it, how could it be my fault eh? Ikr, but still about the sho *fades out* *fades in* and yeah about my plot, well its not mine, yet, im hoping, well, I want it though, but im NOT askin about it right now, NOT asking, notice the 'NOT' in there? good, So, I would like to tell you, how much im NOT asking about that plot im standing on, Okies?

    GoldSoul :D
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