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Vote Failed Wilson356725 Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by wilson356725, Sep 19, 2013.


Should wilson356725 be a moderator?

Poll closed Sep 26, 2013.
  1. Yes

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  1. wilson356725

    wilson356725 Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    Hi my name is Wilson Stephens, although most of you will know me by my online handle Wilson356725.
    and I want to tell you a little bit about why I should become a mod.

    I study at curtin university (Bachelor of Physics, Astrophysics) and in my spare time Work at Dominos pizza (which BTW is totally the best Pizza Store ever and not something i am required to say by contract)
    for monies and do some minor modding for games. (Hoi2/Darkest Hour, usually)
    I've also done several units of Java programming for my studies, which will come in handy considering Minecraft is written in java.
    I like playing strategy games, usually preferring a late game "Boom" strategy, as well as RTS/RPGs and the occasional hack'n'slash and FPS game.
    \some of my favourites include Deus Ex, Darkest hour, sins of a solar empire, mount and blade, company of heroes, neverwinter nights, planescape torment.
    I'm usually serious, although i am quite fond of sarcastic jokes and (allegedly) witty retorts as well as Self-deprecating humor.

    I'm proficient in using the forums, i've posted over 400 messages if my profile page is correct (and received 300 ratings, 250 of them good.) and have been a part of the Valkyr community for just under 2 years.
    I know most of the people, or have at least heard of most of them, as well as some of the trolls

    although I have not had experience admin-ing/mod-ing a Minecraft server, I do have lots of experience at administrative/management procedures, filling out forms, and being SUPAR SIRIUS.
    for example, for my studies, I am regularly required to write out 5-10 page lab write-ups of experiments I perform (including safety risk assessments), and I am also the Secretary of my local Church Parish Council.
    the latter requires me to attend the monthly meetings, record and prepare minutes and agendas, as well as reply to mail that the church receives.

    Valkyr is the main server i play on, only rarely do i go to another server (usually Dwarves vs zombies or something niche like that)
    and over the maps I have made many different projects, including:

    helping with Poli's town of two maps ago
    and the extremely tall stone tower in Poli's town 2 maps ago was all mine,
    ( I still remember the day when @Polificus @samfenton89 and i were launching ourselves in minecarts off the top and falling all the 200ish block to the ground)
    helped to construct /dial endor of last map (including rail networks)
    /dial Vault_City of last map,
    and /dial shady_sands in this map.
    I have also helped out jake with many of his projects, as well as participating in various things like the build spawn competition, which I lost :(

    I am marginally efficient with redstone, although don't try to get me to build anything more complicated than AND or OR junctions without blueprints. but I enjoy creating hidden bases and easter eggs in my creations.

    I want to be a moderator because i like helping other people to complete their goals,
    and to help keep order on the server from the evil legions of L33T Xr@y1ng H@CK3rs!!!!1!11!!
    I also like being part of the community (which I have grown to enjoy more than simply playing on my own) and I want to help the community to continue being as fun as it is.

    #Wilson2013 #Wilson356725 #ValkyrModApps #FauxriqueIsTheBestModEver #Hashtag #VoteYes #CamelCase #OverlyLongGag #TVTropesWillRuinYourLife #YoloSwaginsAndTheFellowshipOfTheBling
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  2. Fauxrique

    Fauxrique The Deposed Despot

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