Jun 25, 2013
  • Welcome to the Donations page. Here is some info about the different donor Ranks. For information on what you get as a Donator see, Donation Benefits

    LDonator or "Lite Donator" is a group for people that wish to support the server but don't want to/can't invest the standard $10 into it. They receive an orange name. In order to become an LDonator simply use the large donation button at the bottom of this page and donate an amount less than $10.00 AUD.

    This group is for users that make a one-time $10 or more donation towards the server. They're given a wide variety of benefits viewable on the Donation Benefits page. To become a donator simply donate $10 AUD or more using the large donation button at the bottom of this page.

    PDonators or "Premium Donator" is a group for users that really, really want to support this server by making regular charitable contributions to the server to help with running costs. The only way to become a premium donator is to upgrade your account via the account upgrades page which is here.

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