Server Rules

Oct 2, 2013
Server Rules

  • Serverwide Rules(top)

    • No hacks, exploits, bots or X-ray.
      Mods that give you an unfair advantage against other players are banned.
    • Don't mess with spawn.
      This includes a reasonable area around the spawn itself.
    • No griefing.*
      Don't touch stuff that isn't yours - unless you've been granted permission. It's simple.*
    • No abuse.
    *The PvP world is effectively free-for-all, griefing, pvp, pillaging, it's all allowed!
    *It's not that simple - you can actually steal from Unlocked Chests provided you don't need to break any blocks (or use any Commands) to get to them. (See Unlocked Chests for more details). Horses and their inventory (armor/saddle) also follow the same rules as Unlocked Chests.

    Rules at a glance(top)

    RED=Not Allowed GREEN=Allowed​


    • Don't ask staff for items
      They'll just say no.
    • Watch your language
      Caps lock isn't needed for proving your point, neither are ten thousand swear words, read a dictionary.
    • Don't "bait" players
      Intentionally leaving valuable blocks out in the open for the sole purpose of catching out new players isn't nice, you might find moderators get to them first...
    • Use common sense and be appropriate
      There are a range of members from different age groups and backgrounds on this server. Please be mind full of this and keep the chat topics at a PG level and refrain from building innopropritate creations.
    For a more extensive list of rules, and these rules explained in greater detail, please visit Rules explained in detail
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